They Said She Was Crazy

Why I decided to go 9 months without a cell phone!!

9 months ago we shut our cell phones off… you heard me right WE shut our cell phones off! WHAT? WHY? Wellllll it started as we moved to a place that Sprint just didn’t work so there was no reason to have them, but instead of going to Verizon or AT&T we opted to just not have cell phones.

It was a way for us to not be so distracted. To spend more one on one time with eachother. When we first started I was hesitant. I didn’t like not being able to pick up my phone, but then when the time came to get a new phone, I didn’t want it. I saw that I was always on my phone. I didn’t spend as much time talking to my kids. I didn’t get stuff done around the house that needed to be done because there was always someone to text or facebook messages to read.. there was always some interesting pins to look at and some instagram things to read about. I also saw that it made my relationships either better or they just ceased to exist. See if someone really wanted to talk to me, they had to pick up the phone and CALL or get in their car and come see me. They had to go out of their way to actually communicate with me. It wasn’t just a stupid, impersonal text. Let me tell you… a lot of people have fallen off LOL… not that it’s bad.. it just got rid of people that needed to go. Not everyone gets to go to the next level. They either aren’t ready or just dont belong there.

Another thing I noticed while not having a phone was that EVERYONE that was around me was ALWAYS on them. ALWAYS and it actually drove me CRAZY. No REALLY it drove me crazy. I would be with my mom walking around shopping and she would be on her phone. Doing nothing maybe facebook or texting, but nothing so important that it had to be done right then. I would even make it a point to talk to people I saw at restaurants about this little game… that everyone put their phone down and the first to pick it up picks up the tab. HA they would look at me like I was dumb, but I’m telling you society is losing touch with personal relationships.

At dinner how many of you are on your phone instead of engaging your kids? Are your kids engaging you? Do you talk to your kids? Do you spend more time on screens then you do actually talking to people? We have lost the art of relationships. We have stopped being personal. We live in a world that would rather send a text message then hear a voice.

I recently got a cell phone again… I spend a lot of time on the road and realized that it was needed.. but really only for the reasons that if something were to happen on the road I need to be able to call. Especially with babies. I SO happy that I was able to take the last 9 months and really reflect on this area of my life. For the last however many years I have been that person. Lost in their phone. In the same room with people and I’m not even engaged. I learned that I need to spend more time talking to people, my family, my kids, THE LORD… yup you read that right THE LORD…

How many times do we sit down to pray and our phone goes off and all of a sudden that text message becomes a little bit more important?? Yup I am guilty of that more then once. I will be the first to admit that I would take my phone with me to my prayer spot and swear that I wouldn’t look at the clock… or answer if I got a text… but I didnt follow thru. I would watch the clock ok 5 mins is up .. okay only 25 more mins… I was lacking in actually just going into my prayer closet and not worrying about anything… I must say that it affects your life in a major way..

I’m very thankful for this time that I have had without a phone… A lot has changed.. I dont have to look at it all the time now… I can go to the mall with someone and not be looking at my phone the whole time. I can go out to eat and care less about my phone. I can sit at the dinner table and actually talk to my family… and enjoy a meal… and walk away remembering everything that was said… my life and perspective has changed… HA now I need the rest of the people around me to do the same.. cause I’m getting irritated trying to talk to people and they have to ask me WHAT DID YOU SAY because their face was burried in their phone LOL.

I will set an example and continue to set it :)

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So recently I posted pics of the new house and land… Out of pure joy for my family and I… Well this girl hit me up and asked is it as big as this house and sent a link… Not knowing who she was I clicked the link… It took me to my husbands old house… It was so random and out of curiosity I went to her page… And right there I see she talks to my husbands ex wife often… I don’t know if they are friend or not but it bothers me that this person is paying such close attention to my life.. She even talked about our great Danes Macy and Bella… I haven’t posted pics of them in a long time… Being married to a pro athlete is not a cake walk… And so much of ur info is out there… Therefore I am limiting what I share with people… If you don’t see me daily or have my phone number you won’t know much about what me and mines are doing… Keep in mind this girl claims Jesus all over her twitter… Not everyone is who they seem…

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Why I Don’t Believe In Birth Control

Now before I proceed with this blog I need you to first open your heart to the idea that birth control could be wrong.

A few years ago I did a bible study and it was brought up that birth control could possibly be a sin. It convicted me at that time I had an IUD and before that had been on every other birth control I could be. So I spoke to God about it and he began to show me things that made me realize that Birth Control was against His will.

The world says children are a burden, I will have them on my time. I get to choose how many kids I have. Until I’m ready I will have protected sex and stay on birth control. The Bible says Psalm 127:5 MSG
Don’t you see that children are God ‘s best gift? the fruit of the womb his generous legacy? Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows are the children of a vigorous youth. Oh, how blessed are you parents, with your quivers full of children! Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you; you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep. Children are blessings from God yet we stand looking at heaven saying God I dont want THAT blessing.

As women it is our God given duty to bear children. Now that’s not saying all women are called to give birth. Some women aren’t and that’s between her and God. Subtle lies in the world are blinding so many women to the truth that birth control is OK. But of course the father of lies is behind these subtle lies. Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy. As the destroyer of life anything that hinders his work he does not encourage. Every child brought into this world has the potential to be bearers of light and threaten his kingdom. Anything that hinders that he encourages.

Many Christians say oh abortions are wrong I would never do that.. yet we go on birth control to help prevent life from happening… in a marriage if we truly trust God that he’s not going to give us more then we can handle trusting him means no birth control. You can’t say hey God I trust you.. but let me go on birth control just in case. People often say God gave man wisdom to make birth control I don’t believe that.. God is the creator of life.. he opens and closes our wombs… he didn’t need to give the wisdom to a man to create birth control. Sorry I can’t believe that.. its actually absurd to me. Why would the creator of life do that. He wouldn’t. If we trust God the way we say we do… we won’t use birth control.

I thank God for giving me the truth.. there’s a reason you see a million commercials saying if you took so and so birth control and experienced a list of problems or even death you are entitled to whatever the price they put on it. Its not God given… birth control is a me thing… it stems from fear.. selfishness.. convenience…

I want to encourage you to seek God on this subject..God wants us to trust him in all areas of our lives.. I pray you surrender this area to him as well!!!

Thank you for your time and reading my blog :)

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My Baptism

So this past weekend I was finally baptized and what’s even cooler is the love of my life and our oldest daughter were too!!!! I remember as he went first the years started to well up and then our daughter the tears came…. So excited to see my first born daughter take her step of obedience and understand it too!!! Then it came my turn… My turn to walk in obedience… But why had it taken so long….????

Growing up in the church I was never really taught the importance of baptism.. No its not a guarantee into heaven and no it’s not the only thing as a Christian I need to do… But it’s a statement.. It’s about following Christ… When I finally learned the importance of baptism I was worried that people would wonder why I hadn’t been yet… The innerme will get u every time making u feel ashamed or whatever else…
Long story short I wasn’t the only one who felt that way my pastors wife actually had felt that same way….. I’m excited to say I have been baptized and I’m super excited about it

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Know Thy Worth

When asked, “What is ones worth?” Do you ever sit back and just think about.. what is my worth?

Lets start with the definition of worth: the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held.

Measured by it’s qualities. What kind of qualities do you possess? Are you argumentative, angry, mad, revengeful, spiteful? Or are you pull of love and compassion? Do you care genuinely or for your own selfish reasons?

Often times we see know your worth or if a man doesn’t see your worth he isn’t worth your time, But how can we say that if we dont even know our own worth?

I’ve reflected on my life and truly question, based on my decisions and the outcomes of many of those decisions do I truly know my own worth? God tells me that I am above a rubies worth. A ruby or a precious gem isn’t something that people use and then toss to the wayside. No a gem is cherished. It is often polished. It’s kept in a secure place when not being worn or “shown of.” It is valued. When a gem is stolen it is reported. Some people even pass down those gems to their daughters. Now I see this “gem” that is passed down as a virtue. Taught to a daughter from her mother taught to her by her mother and so on and so on.

These gems are to be guarded. Not everyone can afford gems. Not everyone is mature enough or responsible enough to have a gem. They will misuse it. Maybe even lose it.

So why so often do we as women find ourselves in the hands of men that cant and will never see the worth of their gem. So many times, and in my own personal life, I have seen women who truly desire to be the bride of Christ, lose themselves in the misguided hands of a man. Maybe at first things weren’t so bad and she prayed that his heart would change,  but it didn’t. She wakes up finding herself feeling like “how did I end up here” “I use to know my worth” “I use to respect and cherish my heart” but at the hands of a man who didn’t see her worth she was torn apart. Left to be feeling like… where do I from here? I see this so much as I get older in the women that are just a little bit older then me.

Its really important that we as women hold onto our virtues. That we dont sacrifice our worth for a man. We are to hold up a standard for our daughters to see. That the man they call dad is setting an example of what the man she wants to marry looks like. Ladies.. let me tell you.. giving up your worth for a man that isn’t going to treat you right.. is NOT worth it. You will find yourself one day asking why did I stay? Why did i even entertaint that situation? and you will be upset that you wasted time. Time you could have been spending with God letting him lead and show you exactly what your worth was and where you would be most cherished.

Dont make the mistake of thining a man will change. He wont. Unless he has a true desire to be a better person. And that has to come from within. It cant come from you nagging and begging him to change. We must understand a man will only treat you as bad as you let him. You set the example for what is the proper way for you to be treated and if he cant get on board then he can keep his but at where he is.

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Deception Scandal.. Jesus can’t save you???

So I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now… N finally I am going to write something about it. With the premiers of scandal.. Shows like deception and songs that say Jesus can’t save you… I’ve grown more concerned…

Why do we love stuff like this??? We sing along to songs that deny God… “Jesus can’t save you” yet Sunday were on our face crying Jesus save me… Why do we do this? Aren’t we denying the very essence of our savior listening to people who openly mock him??

Would we invite Jesus over to catch the new episode of scandal?? Yet we encourage all of our followers n friends to watch it. We rave over shows that have nothing to do with God.. They are the exact opposite of him.. Why are we so fascinated with these things that Jesus cries over…

Girls are wearing less and less clothes and are being bold enough to walk into church like that.. But us Christians aren’t bold enough to go up to her and lovingly tell her STOP.. The world is bold yet we are timid. Hiding in a corner hoping no one asks us to be bold or stand up for something no one else will. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings… We don’t want to step on toes… We would rather our friends.. Family.. Strangers…go to hell without making them feel “bad”… When do we stand up and say.. Enough is enough??? Its time …. Its time to start being better and bolder.. For our savior.. And for his children.. He’s calling us.. What will we do?!?!?!

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His Peace

John 14:27 KJV

27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Some of you are going to find this entry really odd… but its on my heart… with the recent events in Connecticut and china and so many people losing their children .. and so many people asking why.. peace was once again put on my heart.. all I can do is pray for peace for the families that have lost their children.. it takes me back to a moment a few years ago… my youngest daughter had her first seizure.. I honestly thought I was going to lose her… as someone started CPR on her and loading her in the ambulance I didn’t know what to expect.. all I could say was God please don’t take her…. but as the ambulance sped down the highway I remember having this overwhelming sense of peace….. now this wasnt a oh she’s going to be OK kinda peace.. this was a God whispering to my heart… if you lose her you will be OK… I know who admits that?? Who admits that if they lose their child they will be ok.. well I just did… I’ve never ever felt so at peace with something I couldn’t control.. NEVER… and it was a crazy feeling… so as the days go on… I won’t ask God why did this have to happen… no instead.. I will be praying for the families.. I will be praying peace… that surpasses all understanding…. peace that says… everything will be OK…maybe not right away… but know… HE is in control…

Father as many families prepare to bury their loved ones… I pray Lord that you will bring YOUR peace to their lives… that when people look at them they will want the same thing.. PEACE I know that when we give you control of our lives… we can be in a place of peace.. the waters may be rough…. but in the midst of the storms you are our refuge… we may not be able to change what happened Lord but we can change how we deal with it… Lord I pray for dads that may be angry and moms who have lost their will… Lord the high percentage of divorce between marriages that lose a child is so high.. and God I pray for those marriages to be strengthened not weakened amidst this tragedy… God we know your in control… we know you have a plan… your peace is what I pray for over all these grieving families tonight

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It is said a silversmith pounds and polishes his silver until he can see his reflection…. As God pounds n polishes.. until his reflection is us .. is what he sees…..

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Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. Set God sized goals and pursue God sized passions. Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. Stop pointing out problems and start speaking solutions.

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